Portable advanced audio Interface

4 X 2 USB 2 AUDIO INTERFACE with Rupert Neve transformers

If you need a premium four input, two output USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface which is equally at home in the studio or on the go, the UR-RT2 is the answer. With high-quality D-PRE microphone preamps and the expressive, musical sound of switchable Rupert Neve Designs transformers, the compact UR-RT2 delivers the most dynamic results,

Pristine 24-bit/192 kHz recording quality

Genuine Rupert Neve Designs input transformers

Rugged, compact build for recording anywhere

Small size for exceptional portability

DSP-based, latency-free monitoring with FX

General Features

Included Software

Included Effects


An exceptional, portable production solution

Whether you are recording in the studio or on the go, the UR-RT2 has all the tools needed to deliver your recordings in exquisite detail. The fantastic quality and musicality of the Rupert Neve Designs transformers and Yamaha-designed Class A D-PRE preamps, the advanced DSP-powered FX system and stellar audio components, all in a remarkably compact package, combine to deliver an exceptional interface that balances mobility, audio quality and advanced production features unrivaled in its price range.

A wide sound range for recordings with any mic

You can use the UR-RT2 to capture the widest range of sounds and musical styles with any microphone, thanks to its advanced components. The Yamaha-designed, Class A D-PRE preamps are renowned for their professional quality and transparency. When combined with the UR-RT2’s switchable Rupert Neve Designs transformers, they ensure that your results are always rich and expressive, whatever you are recording. And with switchable +48 V phantom power, you can choose whether to use dynamic or condenser microphones to capture the best, most accurate sound.


A professional studio at home

Nowadays you can set up a modestly-priced home studio with a computer or iOS device which runs a powerful DAW, virtual instruments and boutique effect plug-ins that are on par with the most expensive studios. Many home-based musicians and producers need a compact audio interface that offers functionality and sound quality to match, but which is also portable and flexible enough for no compromise recording on the go. The UR-RT2 gives you exceptional components and technologies in a moderately priced, mobile solution which can be relied on to always deliver the most musical, expressive results.


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