The Cubase controller

Seamless, intuitive hardware control for Cubase

Engineered specifically for the thousands of production environments using Cubase worldwide, the CC121 seamlessly merges your creativity with the many functions of the world’s most popular music production system. Featuring fast, fully integrated, tactile operation of all Cubase controls, the CC121’s unique design architecture keeps you 100% focused on your project.

The CC121 is only available through participating dealers in many regions around the globe. Please check with your regional Steinberg distributor if the CC121 is also available for your region. It will not be available in the Steinberg Online Shop.

Advanced, integrated control system

Rugged build quality

Fast, intuitive controls for a seamless workflow

Designed especially for Cubase

General Features

Included Software


Full control of Cubase at your fingertips

Whether you are composing, recording, mixing or designing audio environments, it is essential that technology never gets in the way of your creativity. With all the most important controls at your fingertips, the CC121 lets you control Cubase with the utmost precision, but without having to think about it. It helps to speed up your workflow, almost like leaning into Cubase itself to intuitively take control of its functions - and all without the need for any learning curve. Just plug the CC121 in, launch Cubase and you are ready to go!

A professional solution for everyone

From professional studios through to home-based systems, the CC121 delivers all the control you need for a seamless, efficient workflow. Its high-quality components and rugged build quality ensure smooth, seamless operation and, with its USB power, you can take the CC121 with you when you are working away from your usual environment or on location. Optional footswitch control adds another very convenient feature, yet this professional-quality controller is available at a price affordable to the smallest project studio.


Precise scrub and shuttle for video post-production

The CC121 is not just a great control solution for musicians and recording studios. Its flexible, versatile control of Cubase makes it ideal for video post-production. The user-assignable controls let you adapt the CC121 specifically to your needs, including the innovative AI Knob section, a precision rotary controller which lets you point your mouse arrow to a parameter and instantly control it. Dedicated buttons let you “lock” the parameter it controls and move the mouse away, or instantly switch to Jog, Shuttle and Scrub operations, making navigation of any video project fast and intuitive.


Here you can download all necessary drivers, documents and other information for the CC121

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