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Dorico is available for iPad, and for macOS and Windows in three editions – Pro, Elements, and SE.
Dorico SE is a free download, ideal for young composers and those working with solos and duets; Dorico Elements is ideal for students and home users; and Dorico Pro adds extra professional tools, more sounds and much greater customisation.
Dorico for iPad is a free download from the App Store with similar functionality to Dorico SE, and you can write for larger ensembles and access Engrave mode via an optional in-app purchase subscription.

 Dorico Pro 3.5Dorico Elements 3.5Dorico SE 3.5Dorico for iPad


Maximum number of players in projectUnlimited1222 / 4 (after registration) / 12 (with subscription)
Included templates372967 / 23 (after registration) / 31 (with subscription)
AccidentalsNormal, double, microtonal, customNormal and double onlyNormal and double onlyNormal and double only
Bar numbersMultiple formatsSingle formatSingle formatSingle format
Bar repeats
Barline typesComprehensiveNormal, double, final, repeatNormal, double, final, repeatNormal, double, final, repeat
Clefs26 presets7 presets7 presets7 presets
Custom note and rest groupings
Custom brackets and braces
Chord diagramsFullLimitedLimitedLimited
Chord symbols9 presets, fully customizableSingle presetSingle presetSingle preset
Divisi for divided string sections
Drum set notation
Fanned beams and stemlets
Figured bass
Guitar tablatureFullLimitedLimitedLimited
Harp pedalingFullLimitedLimitedLimited
Key signaturesFully customizableUp to 7 flats/sharpsUp to 7 flats/sharpsUp to 7 flats/sharps
Holds and pauses
LinesFully customizable40 presets40 presets40 presets
Noteheads30 presets, fully customizable30 presets30 presets30 presets
Octave linesFully customizableLimitedLimitedLimited
Ossia staves
Change no. staves for instrument
Page numbersCustomizableAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Pedal linesFully customizableLimitedLimitedLimited
Playing techniquesCustomizable220 presets220 presets220 presets
Rehearsal marksCustomizableLimitedLimitedLimited
Repeat endings
Rhythm slashes
Single- and multi-note tremolos
Tempo markings
Unpitched orchestral/band percussionCustomizableLimitedLimitedLimited
 Dorico Pro 3.5Dorico Elements 3.5Dorico SE 3.5Dorico for iPad

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