New in Nuendo 10


Nuendo 10 is the premium audio production solution for game audio design, TV/film post-production and VR authoring professionals. Its high-end features range from import and matching of field recorder audio files, via an array of exceptional creative tools for sound designers, through to groundbreaking, seamless support for VR mixing environments.

Field Recorder Audio Import

Long requested by Nuendo users in post-production studios, we have listened to your requests and are pleased to include Field Recorder Audio Import in Nuendo 10. This powerful new feature allows you to search for Field Recorder audio files matching selected events in the project by choosing a set of predefined search criteria - a process which can otherwise take weeks of manual work. A list of files with attributes or metadata similar to the selected project events will be displayed, with options to check the search result and preview the files. After confirmation, the chosen audio files will be inserted into the project and edited to match the originally selected events.

ADM import

With the rapidly increasing number of Dolby Atmos installations, the demand for Dolby Atmos mixes is rising fast. ADM files – such as those exported from the RMU or Dolby Atmos Production Suite Renderer software – can be imported into a new or existing Nuendo project with the object automation intact for further mixing or editing. Bed and object audio channels. pan automation, programs and content structure are all supported, with audio from ADM extracted to split mono files in the Nuendo project. Folder tracks are created to represent the ADM Program/Content structure, while object tracks are assigned to VST MultiPanner with Pan Automation.

Video Cut Detection

Another huge time-saver is the new Video Cut Detection (VCD) that allows you to analyze video files for edits and to insert markers for each one of those cuts. You can analyze complete video events or a selected range of a video event, while adjusting the sensitivity of the cut detection process. Once detected, you can insert markers either on the existing (active) marker track or by creating a new marker track. There are further options for marker settings as well as key commands to open the VCD panel, start the analysis and insert Markers helping to make it a fast and intuitive process.

Video Rendering

Nuendo 10.2 introduces the long-awaited Video Rendering feature, which allows you to export a video file from your project, including audio. Thanks to this new feature you can now share sections of your current project at its latest stage, or even finished videos, with clients or other users for review and/or feedback. The current implementation is limited to MP4 files with H.264 video compression and stereo audio in 48 kHz/16 bit with AAC audio compression (not supported on Windows 7).

dearVR Spatial Connect support

Nuendo 10 now supports dearVR Spatial Connect, an immersive 3D audio production tool developed by Dear Reality. dearVR Spatial Connect allows any sound designer, musician or sound engineer to create and mix immersive 3D audio content directly in VR. Featuring a revolutionary, gesture-controlled workflow, it eliminates the need to switch back and forth between Nuendo and your VR production environment.

Doppler effect plug-in

The Doppler plug-in is a fast, straightforward way to simulate the perception of movement and distance of a sound and the changes in pitch as its source passes you, rising as it approaches and falling as it moves away. The higher the speed of the object, the stronger the Doppler effect.
Best used as a Direct Offline Process, you can set the Start, Listener and End positions and the Doppler plug-in will render the effect to the chosen audio. It can also be used as an insert plug-in.


The VoiceDesigner plug-in is the perfect tool for sound designers to modify voices, with parameters including Detune, Formant, Preserve (allowing pitch shifting with formant preservation), Robot, Morph and FX. Morph is a particularly powerful effect which lets you process the input sound with the characteristics of another signal to create unique, bespoke vocal effects. VoiceDesigner also features a mixer, which allows you to set different levels and frequency ranges when mixing the dry input, side-chain and wet signal.

New Distroyer processor

The asymmetric distortion of Distroyer adds body, character and harmonics to create everything from gentle analog warmth across a whole mix to hot distortion for kick drums.

Cue Sheet export

Nuendo 10.1 introduces this new feature which enables you to extract information or data from a project and save it as text file, usually in the form of a table or spreadsheet. By using Cue Sheet Export, you can create a report of all the pieces of music or voiceover clips used in the project, for accounting or as a reference when integrating them into other systems.

ARA support

Nuendo 10 supports the ARA 2 specification for extended communication between ARA plug-ins and the DAW. ARA-compatible plug-ins are integrated in the Editor, which gives you access to all editing functions of the corresponding plug-in.

Combine Select Tools

Speed up your editing workflow with Nuendo’s new Combined Select Tools mode. When you activate the new tool mode, the object and range selection tools can be used at the same time. Combining the two most frequently used tools in one powerful feature, without the need to change between them, will help to noticeably speed your workflow. This is especially useful in professional post-production and sound design, when time is always critical.

Nuendo 10.3

Easier Macro creation

Combining multiple commands and functions into a single action, or macro, is a great time-saver for busy sound designers. Nuendo has been enhanced to make creating and modifying macros a lot easier, more flexible and faster with new functionality added to the Macro window. Now you can resize the Macro creation area for a better overview, you can duplicate macros with a single click and move key commands up and down in the Macro window.

Nuendo 10.3

MultiTap Delay

Otherworldly atmospheres and spatial soundscapes are very important in game sound design, movies and television. Nuendo’s new MultiTap Delay has all the creative options you need to sonically enhance a space. You can quickly and easily create up to eight taps per delay loop, harness the sound of digital delays or vintage echo units and add effects to the complete output, only the delay loops or even each individual tap, with a simple click.

Nuendo 10.3

Padshop 2

A much greater variety of soundscapes are now possible with the next generation of Steinberg’s acclaimed granular synthesizer Padshop. A new spectral oscillator lets you sculpt previously-unheard sounds and you can now twist your own samples into unique new creations. A new arpeggiator section means you can add motion to your sounds and use the effects section to add finishing touches. With even more creative tools and sonic inspiration, Padshop 2 makes almost anything possible.

Nuendo 10.3

Spectral Comparison EQ

The new Spectral Comparison mode in Nuendo’s Channel EQ can help you to identify where music, soundscapes and dialog overlap in the frequency spectrum, making it easier to clean up frequencies and create room for every element. By routing a second signal from any track into the EQ and comparing the spectral curves within the display, you can adjust frequencies for the best result, toggling between the source and comparison channel.

Nuendo 10.3

Workflow improvements

Time is always precious in the professional audio business, so Nuendo 10 includes many time-saving features and workflow enhancements to help you create content as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Music production features

Nuendo 10 includes all of the exceptional music production features introduced in Cubase 10.

Usability, performance and quality improvements

Nuendo 10 is packed with many more significant improvements in many different areas, including:

Streamlined contextual menus for events.

Redesigned windows, panels and dialogs to give the user interface a consistent theme.

Improvements to adding tracks, multiple tracks and routing setup.

Improved performance on systems with more than 14 cores.

Enhanced results from the algorithm of the Hitpoint detection feature.

Superior resampling quality for the best possible audio.

Projects are no longer automatically activated when a project is deactivated. (10.3)

Send Names are now displayed in automation lanes. (10.3)

The Project Logical Editor now supports Folder parts data. (10.3)

Samples can be exported from the Sampler Track to Padshop 2. (10.3)

Add Folder Track now allows naming of the folder before importing. (10.3)

Grace Period Update

Customers who have activated an earlier Nuendo version since March 13, 2019, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Nuendo 10.

Grace Period Info