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Science of the times: A next-generation audio research and teaching tool

As a teaching and research platform, SpectraLayers has the academic legacy and commercial application to give comprehensive support to students, scientists, and educators. Its advanced algorithms are based on original scientific research (with publications) by its co-designers, Robin Lobel and Dr Bill Evans. In addition to its audio tools for commercial music production, SpectraLayers also has powerful, dedicated scientific measurement and plotting tools. Open source software is used extensively throughout the application for lower-level functionality and there are no licensed patents.

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  • Whether working for the Norwegian Police, lawyers or private clients, each forensic case requires us to think outside the box, developing unique solution to each challenge. Thankfully SpectraLayers' developers have taken a walk out of the box of traditional audio software, allowing us to visualize recordings, quickly try out new ideas and efficiently manipulate audio in totally new ways.
    Truls BirkelandMusician

High-precision measurement and plotting

SpectraLayers’ three real-time scientific tools provide detailed audio (PCM and FFT) data, using standard academic terminology. The Eye Dropper provides 14 different measurements across hertz, decibels, degrees, radians, relative percentages, and complex numbers. Measuring between any two time/frequency points, the Plot tool draws 2D graphs with respect to amplitude or phase. The statistics tool operates on selections, providing power values. All tools can measure the active Layer or incorporate all Layers within the specified measurement region(s).

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Fast, flexible visualization

SpectraLayers provides the industry’s fastest, most advanced spectrogram, making it ideal for classroom and conference presentation. Its 20 parameters are adjustable in real time, including arbitrary FFT bin size support. The program also operates in 3D, with adjustable camera. Regardless of settings, every part of SpectraLayers’ heavily- optimized code runs in real-time, even on older hardware. Support for Layers and Groups enables multiple audio files in documents — enabling composite FFT visualization, simultaneous playback, and instant switching audio/visual switching for flexible demonstration.