Intro to spectral editing

SpectraLayers is an audio editing application that lets you dive deep into the spectral realm, where you can see, explore, select, process and combine audio content in amazing ways and with extreme precision. Perfect for repair and restore operations, sound design work, remixing, music composition, and even audio forensics, this standalone powerhouse also features ARA 2 support, bringing the power of SpectraLayers into Cubase and Nuendo with a workflow that creates a new benchmark in state-of-the-art DAW functionality.

Sampler/remix artists

Take a sample, break it into individual instrument or frequency layers, and create mixes in the Layers Panel. Split a single beat loop into myriads of layers and perform fast roundtrip plugin processing on individual layers in ARA 2-supported editors—your creative bursts will consistently deliver fresh and inspiring results.

Experimental music producers

Go for the granular approach and mold sound right down to an atomic level in SpectraLayers. Shift and stretch selections on the spectral graph. Split sound into layers using precision selection tools, process the layers independently and remix the results into completely new composite sounds. Use Spectral Imprinting to play layers off one another, generating completely original, highly nuanced tracks.

Enhance, restore and repair

SpectraLayers is well known for its repair and restoration capabilities. Identify, select and attenuate sounds in the audio spectrum with surgical precision. Divide sounds into layers and process them with external editors. The Steinberg Pro product family is ARA 2-enabled, letting you nondestructively edit audio in different programs, and save all changes with the project.

Audio forensics

Spectral analysis is used extensively in audio forensics labs. SpectraLayers transforms sound into detailed visual landscapes that can be explored deeply and meticulously worked on. Discovery, clarification, enhancement—no other application offers this level of power for finding relevant content within audio source material. In SpectraLayers every picture tells a story, and the deeper you look, the more you'll find.

Musical improvisation

SpectraLayers has intelligent tools that seek and identify sonic targets quickly and accurately, in a workflow that can feel like pure improvisation. If your creative process involves working with a DAW, then you already know that Cubase is an industry standard platform. Now, ARA 2 makes SpectraLayers instantly available in the Cubase editor for realtime nondestructive spectral editing—a game changing level of integration.

System requirements

SpectraLayers Elements 6
Operating systems (Windows)
Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
Operating systems (Mac)
macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina
CPU minimum
Dual Core CPU
RAM minimum
4 GB
Hard disk free space
4 GB
Display resolution minimum
1280 x 720
OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card (DirectX 11 recommended) (Windows only)
OS compatible audio hardware
Internet connection for
installer download, license activation, account sign up and product registration