Spectral editing—remastered.

As engineers, we hope mixes arrive without problems. But that is often not what happens in reality. SpectraLayers provides new technologies to fix more issues than has ever previously been possible. With the industry’s most advanced spectral display, you can locate problems that might otherwise be hidden — and in more detail. Use Audio Retouching tools to edit with unmatched precision, minimizing the chance of artefacts. Use custom selection and measurement tools, and store alternative edits.

See more. Do more. Faster.

In mastering, time is money — and SpectraLayers is the world’s only real-time spectral editing platform. With the industry’s only real-time adjustable spectrogram, you’ll find problems faster. And with Spectral Enhancement, you’ll see them in higher detail. Want more? Activate 3D mode. When you’re ready to edit, your modifications maintain the same audio resolution as your visual resolution. And at the highest settings everything shows in real time, even without a dedicated graphics card.

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Perform miracles. Leave no artefact behind.

When editing a mix, it’s critical to minimize artefacts. With unmatched precision and sophisticated blending, no other spectral editor comes close to SpectraLayers. Use Audio Retouch tools for unprecedented detail and control. Adapt them to your edit by adjusting Brush Shape, Size, Gain, Linearity, Aspect Ratio, and more. Move them over your edit area to see real-time previews of the results. And conceal your edits by adding a customizable, real-time crossfade region inside your brush edge.


A flexible environment for custom workflows

Organize, develop and compare your mastering repairs in SpectraLayers’ sandbox environment. Use Groups to store incremental repair states and revisit intermediate steps at any point. Extract your repair regions to Layers with no data loss and create copies for alternate fix versions — switching between them instantly for visualization and playback. Analyze your edits using built-in phase controls to extract edit differences on new Layers. Organize your project and workflow your way.


Remix the master

Sometimes the client wants you fix something that really require a remix — or does it? Maybe it’s a vocal that pops out of the chorus too loudly for a moment. Or too much “crack” on a specific tom hit. Use SpectraLayers’ separation features to extract audio features to a separate Layer — and then adjust the Layer gain to remix it. Keep your adjustments minor and no one can tell it was done in mastering.

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