Music Production

Music to your eyes. And ears.

Music is measured by great performances and engineering by great sounds. SpectraLayers helps you deliver more of both by introducing powerful, intuitive tools that have never existed before. For artists who also engineer, it means audiences hear more of you at your best. For studio engineers, it means saving time, creating the best takes and delivering unparalleled clarity when mixing.

Studio engineers

Edit multiple tracks. And even mixes.

Most audio editing occurs one track at a time. But the end result is a mix — and some audio events only occur from a combination of sounds. In SpectraLayers, you can see the results of audio regions mixing together with the same spectral detail as individual regions. You can even see you how your edits to one region affect the result of mixing with others — in real time.


Repair performances instead of replacing them

SpectraLayers provides breakthrough retouching tools to repair great performances, instead of comping multiple takes based on their technical merit. For example, avoid replacing entire notes using the Rubber Stamp tool to replace just the problematic part — like copying only the guitar pick sound from one note to another. And with SpectraLayers’ Fade Masks, you’ll never need to crossfade edits (or be limited by them).

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Spectral Alignment — it’s about time

There are dozens of tools for fixing timing — partly because there's cases where none of them work. Waveforms only indicate average volume changes, so you can’t always see what to align. Spectral displays reveal music features, but you can’t modify them while referencing another audio region. SpectraLayers introduces Spectral Alignment, allowing you to transform audio in real time while seeing how its musical features align to simultaneous regions.


Recording artists

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  • Using SpectraLayers, everything was made to sound fantastic on two different album projects I was involved with.
    Steve MorseGuitarist

Focus on your performance, not perfection

The pressure for perfection dominates our recording choices. Everyone has accidentally squeaked during a string slide, hit the bass’s pickups, breathed too loud, dropped a drum stick, or pressed two keys when you meant one. Use SpectraLayers’ Eraser tools to restore your intended performances and focus only on the music while you record. With real-time preview and visualized crossfades, retouch your recording to remove everything that doesn’t belong — leaving only a great performance.


Reveal hidden sound problems

Spectral displays show you the individual details that make up your sounds — why they sound like they do. SpectraLayers takes this one step further by also revealing how they mix together. With the most accurate display in the industry, and the ability to focus on specific details in real time, SpectraLayers shows you more of your sound than any other editor, in the most simple, straightforward way. Pinpoint exactly where your sonic problems are — even issues that only occur as a result of sounds (or tracks) mixing together. And once you've found the issues, you can fix them with your DAW's editing features — which include SpectraLayers (using our ARA plug-in).

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Transport your session to Studio A

If you record at a project or home studio, you're probably your own engineer. You're getting great tracks, but they’re not as clean as a commercial studio — cars and neighbors leaking in, accidental knocks to microphones and guitars, electrical and amp hum, less-than-perfect acoustics. SpectraLayers can recreate the studio sound — first, with the exclusive retouching tools to remove individual noises. Then, SpectraLayers’ native restoration effects: Spectral Noise Reduction to erase environmental sounds and Reverb Removal to reduce room sound.

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