A renaissance in the state of the art

SpectraLayers introduces major innovations for sound designers, with powerful new ways to compose, extract and edit audio. Based on our stand-alone application, SpectraLayers is a comprehensive platform at the center of all your workflow, with tools that creatively inspire as much as they technically enable.

I love using SpectraLayers to help create sounds that appear to spring naturally from another dimension. I can deconstruct and reconstruct familiar as well as unidentifiable sounds into shadows or translucent projections with its unique tools and structure. I was able to make some sounds subtly "wrong" by shifting spectral bands against each other to create dramatic tension. SpectraLayers can have a very unique summing effect that resulted in some very evocative vocal elements for highly disturbing scenes.

Dane A. Davis, President, Danetracks Inc. – BAFTA, MPSE and Oscar awards for "The Matrix"

Creativity and power: Real-time 2D visual composition

Create montages visually, in two dimensions—just as they exist in the audio domain. Create unlimited Layers to hold your clips. Even see their interaction with other sounds while you do it. Non-destructively position them, simply by dragging. Organize them in Groups to form multi-level hierarchies. Control how they crossfade into your audio canvas with Audio Fade Masks — intuitively and with precision. Add optional labels and visualize your entire montage at one glance.

Unsurpassed editing for creating clips

Spectral editing lets you modify — more intuitively and precisely — the parts of each sound that you want and see each sonic feature to guide you. Our visual approach provides ground-breaking Audio Retouching and the traditional editing methods — extending them with visual functionality. Whether you’re separating sounds or creatively embellishing them, build the elements of your sonic mosaics faster, and with more flexibility, than ever before.

Fully integrated surround support

SpectraLayers is specifically designed as a multi-channel audio editor, including all of its tools. Utilizing the power of image editors, you manage your channels visually. Assign your Layers and Groups by dragging them to the desired destination in the Channels panel. Click to choose which of channels you see while editing — and which ones your edits apply to in real time. Quickly audition your soundscape by muting and soloing channels, including a master mute and solo.