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The Absolute Collection – The best virtual instruments for your music production

Get tons of creative instruments with over 100 GB of sound content for every kind of music production. Explore over 6,800 presets, next-generation synthesizers and one of the best drum plug-ins available. And when that is not enough, you can easily build your own sample instruments.

Next-generation sample and synthesis workstation — HALion 6

A wide array of granular, wavetable and virtual analog synthesizers

First-class acoustic sample libraries for orchestra, strings and pianos

The best drums, percussion and beats with Groove Agent

Get inspired with the Absolute Collection 4

Cutting-edge sound design

All the tools you need for state-of-the-art sound design are here.

Writing a 1980s-style horror movie trailer

Bring the fun into horror with heavy, ’80s-style synth trailer music.

Creating songwriter music

Produce singer/songwriter music with the acoustic sample libraries.

Making a trap beat

No other style of music dominates the charts like trap just now. Learn the basics here.

Create your own instruments

See how to grow a beard... a unique instrument built from scratch in HALion.

Huge synth collection

From 1960s analog heaven to granular greatness, embrace decades of sensational synths.

Demo songs:

What's new in Absolute 4

Padshop 2

Featuring granular and spectral synth engines that both let you work with samples at a microcosmic level, Padshop 2 lets you create completely new, previously unheard sounds.

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Sampler & workstation

Synthesizer and electronic music




Drums & percussion

Cinematic instruments


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  • In my book, HALion and Padshop have one of the best – if not the best – sounding granular engine out there.
    Simon StockhausenSound Designer

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Absolute 4 system requirements

 Absolute 4

Get inspired with VST Instruments

How to create a haunting Halloween theme

Re-synthesize a 909

Creating Vocal Chops

Creating a Funky Groove

Behind the Scenes of a Demo Track for Iconica Opus

Building A Neo-Soul Groove with Vibrant

Writing a 1980s-style horror movie trailer


Making a trap beat

Grace Period Update

Customers who have activated Absolute 3 since November 1, 2018, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Absolute 4.

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