Think forward

Masterfully crafted by drum and bass producers Rawtekk, Neuro Mindset includes 30 forward-thinking kits including powerful drums, spaced-out SFX, dark synth sounds and surreal voices.

30 electronic drum kits produced by Rawtekk.

572 electronic sounds including kicks, snares, hihats, percussion, synths and SFX.

Complete production kits for drum and bass, neurohop and dubstep.

353 groove patterns for instant beat programming.

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About Rawtekk

Rawtekk are a duo hailing from Hamburg who have carved out a niche for themselves, making music which takes in elements of DnB, wave, IDM, pop and dubstep with a surreal yet sophisticated edge. The couple joined forces in 2011, bringing Stefan’s production expertise in experimental electronica, minimal techno and DnB together with Christine’s singing and songwriting skills.

 Neuro Mindset

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