Voltage-controlled synthesizer

RAST-A for HALion is an homage to the legendary voltage-controlled synthesizers of the 1980s. It not only models the musical influence of individual hardware components on the sound, but also simulates the temperature drift of VCOs. Combined with a classic modeled filter, you get all the tools to bring back the vibrant sound that we all loved so much.

6-voice polyphonic synthesizer –– remodeled

New: Over 100 presets

Beautifully warm analog synth filter

HALion instrument (works in every DAW with VST, AU, AAX)

New in RAST-A

With the new F-envelope section, you can activate the filter envelope as a pitch modulation source. Together with the new filter options of 24 dB, low, high, bandpass and filter inversion, you have now even more possibilities to shape the sound of RAST-A. It also allows you to create sounds in a more modern style. You can hear these in 52 new and fresh additional presets which, of course, also cover the classic ’80s material we all love RAST-A for.

This update is free for all owners of RAST-A. To install, simply download the new VST Sound, double-click and it should replace the old version.

Recreated analog synth technology

This modeled synthesizer is heavily inspired by a classic synthesizer which was famous in the ’80s. The original was used by artists like Prince, Queen, Styx, Van Halen and Supertramp. However, RAST-A is not intended to be a one-to-one clone, but rather an homage to a specific sound which dominated an entire decade of music.

The creator of RAST-A

Msixty7 is a composer and producer of electronic music with a passion for analog synthesizers. His work is inspired by classics like the OB-X, OB-8 and other synths from one of the most innovative musical decades of all time.


Additional information

Installation via Steinberg Download Assistant
Watch How to Install HALion instruments or read on how to install RAST-A in Steinberg Helpcenter
For support on the library, please contact: Msixty7
Pease note that this library requires at least HALion 6.2, HALion Sonic 3.2 or HALion Sonic SE 3.2.

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