Vertigo Strings

Deep woven strings

Vertigo Strings is an inspiring innovative string library for HALion created by Cinematique Instruments that goes far beyond the organic string sound. Essentially Vertigo Strings is a mélange of 16 meticulously selected sounds and instruments which can be mixed freely to fulfill your creative vision in an intuitive and easy way.

16 sound sources

Approx. 300 MB compressed

Works with almost every DAW

The dark twisted dream of any sound designer

The concept of Vertigo Strings

Vertigo Strings is the collection of 16 different and interesting sound sources. On the one hand, Vertigo Strings provides a gamut of articulations for violins, violas, celli, or an upright bass, ranging from fragile ponticello pianissimo and regular arco playing to harmonics and raw legato recordings. On the other hand, there are bowed guitars, tape recordings, a warm synth string patch as well as a vintage harmonium and much more.

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System requirements

Vertigo Strings
Operating systems (Windows)
Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
Operating systems (Mac)
macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra
Display resolution minimum
1366 x 768
Display resolution recommended
1920 x 1080
Compatible with
HALion 6.2, HALion Sonic SE 3.2, HALion Sonic 3.2
PlugIn format (Win)
PlugIn format (Mac)
CPU minimum
64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core
CPU recommended
Intel i5 or faster
RAM minimum
4 GB
RAM recommended
8 GB
Hard disk free space
239 MB
Internet connection for
account sign up and product registration, installer download, license activation

For support on the library, please contact: Cinematique Instruments

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